Maintenance Information on Common Areas of Subdivision

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13030 Coursey Blvd
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Integrity Mailboxes & Signage
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Price of Brass Numbers on Oct 2006 were $4.00 each.

  1. Notting Hill Drive Entrance Lighting Information
    • Notting Hill Lighting Zones after repairs
    • Notting Hill Entrance Diag with distances
    • Conduit Runs for Lighting at Notting Hill Entrance
    • Photocell and Contact at Notting Hill Entrance
    • Labeled circuit breakers for NH Lighting Breaker Box
    • Finished Job Wiring with covers off

  2. Notting Hill Drive Entrance Irrigation Information
    • Notting Hill Entrance Watering Zones
    • Rainbird Controller Manual
    • NH Rainbird Programming Chart

  3. St. Alban's Drive Entrance Lighting Information
    • St Alban's Entrance Lighting Zones
    • St. Alban's Wiring for Timer and Contact

  4. St. Alban's Drive Entrance Irrigation Information
    • St Alban's Entrance Watering Zones
    • Rainbird Controller Manual
    • SA Rainbird Programming Chart

  5. Paddington Island Irrigation Information
    • Paddington Island Watering Zones
    • Hunter Controller Manual
    • Paddinton Hunter Programming Chart

  6. Entrance to 3rd Filing Irrigation Information
    • 3rd Filing Entrance Watering Zones
    • Rainbird Controller Manual
    • 3rd Filing Entrance Rainbird Programming Chart

  7. Street Traffic Signs and Street Light Poles layout and number in Kensington
    • Street Lights & Signs in KE

  8. Dusk to Dawn Timer for Christmas Lights
  • GE Photoelectric Outdoor Timer

  • Third Filing Wall Information
    • Drawing of Span of New 3rd Filing Wall
    • Result of Structural Analysis - Old 3rd F Wall
    • New 3rd F Wall Construction Proposal and Brochure & Diagrams
    • Pictures of Failure of Old 3rd F Wall
    • Hawk Construction Proposal & Bid for replacement of 3rd F Wall
    • Aquaterra Soil Study Quotation for old 3rd F Wall

    Vendors Used by Kensington Estates Board of Directors for Maintenance and Repair

    The list of vendors have been used at Kensington Estates and have provided satisfactory work and should be considered for future jobs at Kensington Estates. List is in no particular order.

    1. R. B. Electric
    979 O'Neal Lane
    Baton Rouge, LA 7081
    All outside electrical work including installing underground conduit and cables, electric light controls, electric light components and fixtures.
    2. Quality Welding
    P.O. Box 84051
    Baton Rouge, LA 70884
    Welding repairs and maintence of Wrought Iron along 1st and 2nd Filing Wall on Perkins Road.
    3. Aquaterra Engineering, LLC
    3499 I-10 Frontage Rd
    Port Allen, LA 70767
    Mechanical & Structural Engineering of Walls and Soils -- used to evaluate condition of poorly3rd filing wall.
    4. Hawk Construction
    5002 Highway 380
    Princeton, TX 75407
    Manufactured and Installed new 3rd Filling Wall
    Style: Ashlar; 1 base color with 2 accent colors.
    600 linear feet; 8 foot tall.
    5. Stewart Services
    Jerome Stewart (owner)
    3744 Evangeline Street
    Baton Rouge, LA 70805
    Irrigation System Repair and Maintenance
    6. BP Stucco
    Stucco Repair and Repainting of portions of 1st Filing wall.
    7. Wells Landscaping
    13711 Tuckborough Rd.
    Baton Rouge, LA 70810
    Lawn care for common areas and replacement of Trees and shrubs.
    8. McInnis Tyner, Inc.
    Insurance Agency
    7814 Office Park Blvd.
    Suite 200
    Baton Rouge, LA 70809
    Insurance company used by KEHOA for Injury Insurance for Common Grounds and Homeowners working on behalf Association.
    9. Billy Heroman's Flowerland
    Robert Heroman (at extension 1042)
    10812 Harrell's Ferry Road
    Baton Rouge, LA 70816
    Puts up and Takes Down Christmas Decorations and replaces Red Bows and Lights as needed.
    10. Ryan's Tree Service and Stump Grinding
    Ryan Skavron
    Pruned live trees and removed dead trees along Perkins Road fence line.

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